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About Camel Association

The Omani Federation for Camel Racing is the governmental agency dedicated completely for the promotion and development of camel racing as an official Sultanate sport. Camel racing is a sport rooted in the culture and traditions of the country. The indigenous people still breed, raise and train them for racing.

The racing camels have an identification to verify their age, breed and grade. The races are for two year olds and upwards, and distances range from 4km to 10km.The races are also graded similar to horse-racing grading. And the winning camel is subject to a drug test.

Camel Racing is a tradition, and yet there are rules and regulations governing the conduct of races and participation. They are also entertaining and enjoyable, not only for those involved but for the onlooker as well.

Besides the races, there will also be competitions including beauty shows, milking and breeding, and auctions.