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Article (12) of the Regulations of competitions Omani Federation of camel racing ban in all races subject to the provisions of this regulation do any of the following:

1. It is prohibited of Khasaya Alsmol(breed of camel) participation in the races.
2. It is prohibited the use of electric shocks or any other way that will bring pain for a camel during the race.
3. It is prohibited to the owner to approach the inspection works of all electric shocks or veterinary testing site.
4. Prohibits the use of steroids or drugs in all union activities.
5. Prohibits the use of the drug in all its forms.
6. Prohibits the participation of the camel that do not carry an electronic chip.
7.It is Prohibited for the owner of the camel/ representee to touch the camel at the finishing line of the race.
8. Prohibits the participation of the camel, which shaved and her righteousness or that have any kind of dye or henna in order to change or hide shape.
9. Prohibits workers who are in the field to provide any protests or discuss those responsible for organizing the race, and the only one who has the right to discuss all this will be the the owner of the race camels.
10. Prohibiting entry to the land of auto racing.
11. Prohibiting the presence of children in the land of the race area or starting point.
12. Prohibited Alhvoz operations female camel distance of less than three kilometers away from the podium.
13.The camel owners or their representives shall be arrested if the camel has not undergone any inspection procedures.
14. Ban the establishment of drills ((Coking)) between stroke during the race.
15. Back prohibited camels which are used to drag race camels ((Alqlas)) Contrary to the trend during the training, is also prohibited to withdraw Kulaish with other during coking.
16. The entry of camel from the Unlike Side of the race is strictly prohibited.
17. The Kulaish(camel breed) should not be left without passengers during the training ((Coking)) or in the fields.
18. Hybrid camel breeds are prohibited participation in all races.
19. Prohibits advertising or promotional activities or any tokens of awards during the race to any of the individuals.

Article (13) of the Regulations of the races Omani Federation of Camel Racing:
The owner or implicit commitment must sign a form, for checkiong blood samples of the camels, with the Medical Committee which in turn gives the Committe the sole right to work directly when requested to do so.
In the case of failure to do so shall be entitled Veterinary Committee arrest until the blood sample has been taken from the respective camels.

Article (14) of the Regulations of the races Omani Federation of Camel Racing:
Is not permitted for the camels to participate in the race categories which they do not belong to. Camels should participate only under provided age categories.
A camel assigned to a particular age groups/category is not permitted to participate in multiple categories.

Article (15) of the Regulations of the races Omani Federation of Camel Racing:
The owner has the right to enter in the camel race only after the completion of proceedings by the Commission and teething analogy.